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Camping place Eulerhook is located in the heart of the beautiful and rural Twente. It is a rustic camper place, surrounded by animals and nature. The camper places are spacious and you have a lot of privacy. Because of its location, camper place Eulerhook is the ideal starting point for various walking and cycling trips. In addition, the towns of Hengelo, Enschede, Hof van Twente, the picturesque Delden and Twickel country estate are easy to reach by bicycle or by car. While the curious Jersey cows keep an eye on things, you can enjoy the scenic landscape of the hamlet of Oele. Some key words belonging to this camper place: peace, nature, farm life, hiking, cycling, relaxing, rustic and history.

History ‘De Vocker’.

The Ter Bekke family has created space for more than 15 motorhomes on the farmyard on the Vöckersweg. The history of the farm dates back to 1500. The first Ter Bekke family came to live here in 1905. Now, more than 100 years later, the 3rd generation has started with a motorhome location. From time immemorial the farm -also called ‘De Vöcker’- was a farm where mostly cows were kept. In 1990 Henny and Ine ter Bekke started their livestock farming. At the time, Henny’s preference was for the unusual Jersey cattle.

Jersey cows originally come from the island of Jersey, a small island between France and England. Jersey’s are rather small single-coloured grey-brown cows and are quiet in nature. Their milk is very rich in butterfat and is therefore particularly suitable for butter production. It is the most widespread dairy breed in the world. The animals are small (adult cow weight approx. 400-450 kg). The milk yield is on average about 5000-6000 kg per year with a fat content of 5-6%. The breed is used in many countries for cross-breeding to increase both the fat and protein content of the milk. This breed has little value for meat production, which is actually incomprehensible, because it is very tasty. Fortunately, more and more people appreciate the quality of this meat.


Oele is a small hamlet in the shadow of the municipality of Hengelo and is one of the hidden gems of Twente. A hamlet where old traditions and ‘noobligation’ are still high on the agenda. Small roads and dirt roads traverse this heavenly area. Ancient trees and black and white shutters of the characteristic Twickel farmhouses dominate the image, as if you were in another era. In Oele, your holiday really begins!


Oele is located in the south of Twente and in the north-west of the country borders on the charming town of Delden. Although Oele is rural, larger cities such as Hengelo, Enschede and Haaksbergen are within cycling distance.

Static data

• In 1840, Oele had 72 houses with 448 inhabitants.
• Today Oele has about 120 houses with about 300 inhabitants.


Eulerhook – Familie Ter Bekke

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